Tired of seeing your hair go instead of grow? Looking for the best treatment for hair loss in Orlando? We can help. At CIMA, we offer hair loss solutions for men and women through A-PRP therapy. This therapy makes your body re-grow your own hair, the way your DNA meant for it to grow. This therapy is not like other hair loss solutions that make big promises but always seem to fall short. This is not a glue-on wig, or hair grafting. There is no surgery, and your hair is your own naturally growing hair.

When will I see results?

Although the therapy starts to improve follicle health right away, you will not notice any immediate significant hair growth. As your follicle health improves, you will likely start to notice hair growth within 6 months of beginning therapy.

Are the results permanent?

The answer depends on the reason for your original hair loss.

Male pattern baldness is caused in great part by high levels of testosterone. A-PRP therapy will “re-activate” hair follicles which have stopped growing hair, but, because men don’t stop producing testosterone, they may start losing their hair again later on as the testosterone again “de-activates” these follicles. This is also true for hair grafting surgery. Men can undergo more sessions of A-PRP to maintain their results. Men can also undergo therapy to suppress their testosterone enough to permit more new hair growth after A-PRP hair loss therapy, thus improving their results.

Fortunately for women, this is not the case. Because women do not have high levels of testosterone causing hair loss, their results after A-PRP therapy are usually permanent.

What is the process like?

First an A-PRP mixture is produced from your own blood. (For details on that, please see our PRP page.) Then this A-PRP mixture is injected into the scalp at different locations. For women, this is the end of the treatment. Men are given testosterone suppressing medications in order to improve their hair growth. That’s it!

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