Welcome to CIMA, one of the finest anti aging clinics in Orlando. Here we believe in more than keeping our patient’s “unsick.” We believe in helping them achieve the highest levels of health and quality of life. It is our goal to provide our patients with state of the art medicine and customer service in order to help them reach and even exceed their health goals. From cyrosurgery for children’s warts, to mesotherapy injections, to bio hormone replacement therapy for adults, Dr Mildred Silva gives our patients greater options for diagnosis and treatments. Please let us introduce you to the CIMA way! You can even request your appointment directly on this website and we will call you to confirm your appointment within one business day. In Orlando, Dr Silva and CIMA can show you the way to great health!

Below are some of the medical services we provide to our patients:

Dr Mildred Silva and the CIMA staff look forward to meeting you and helping you reach the peak of your health!