CIMAlife Body…Tailored. Support. Results.

Unlike other weight loss clinics in Florida, CIMA offers patients a personalized, physician-guided medical weight loss treatment that actually drives results. 

CIMAlife Body is a non-surgical treatment of obesity that takes into account a patient’s medical conditions and uses a combination of pharmacology and nutrition to achieve weight loss results. As a participant in CIMAlife Body, you will be monitored by a weight loss doctor and individually evaluated with diagnostic testing to tailor a weight loss treatment plan that is right for you. As a CIMAlife Body member, you will have the full support of your weight loss ambassador, including weekly visits to monitor and support your progress. You will meet with our weight loss doctor on a regular basis to evaluate your progress and any changing medical needs.

Our medical weight loss includes the use of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), appetite suppressants, and other proprietary injections. Your weight loss ambassador will lead your through an orientation of your nutritional plan, and be there to support you through your journey. In order to maximize your chances of success, participants are asked to meet with their ambassador weekly for follow-up, and to receive any prescribed medications.

We love to see our patients succeed. Contact our Orlando office or fill out the form for your free orientation so you can start your journey to healthier living today.

Patients enrolled in our weight loss program are also eligible to receive discounts on other services like 30% off Mesotherapy after completing the program.